Issy Nancarrow

Growth Marketing Specialist

 I help companies develop digital communications and online sales channels.

What do you get
from working together?

I define and lead international growth strategies. I have a strong strategic mindset and have helped many companies to grow internationally across the UK; EU; Americas; and India. Including developing KPIs, processes, and building skilled teams.


I have worked with start-ups as the sole marketer. I have developed teams from scratch as well as taken over established teams. Over the past 10+ years I have led teams ranging from 1 to 15 marketers to achieve substantial market growth, launch new products, and build brand recognition.


I combine strategic insight with hands-on, resourceful application of marketing. I bring a wealth of hands-on experience including web design, advertising, social media management and more.

My Background

Though my career of 15+ years, I have worked primarily with scale-up organisations (10-150 staff) with substantial growth goals. 

I have also worked with larger national and multinational corporations to launch products and new initiatives.

I am the previous Managing Director of Nancarrow Partnerships, a marketing firm working with companies across the UK and abroad on multifaceted marketing projects. 

I am educated to MSc level in market analysis, combined with 11+ years of business leadership. I can analyse the market validity of a product, compare routes to market, and forecast potential returns.

I have always taken a hands-on approach.

I am a fanatical climber, paraglider, and outdoors person. I enjoy the exploration of mountain ranges across the globe and embedding myself into different cultures. 

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