Social Media Management

Want to be active, visible, and get noticed online?

Get a continually active social media presence.

Get constant topical content.

Drive more traffic to your site with unique page linking (ask how).

What is Included?

Get a continually active social media presence that shares the most current and high quality posts. 

Get involved in the most topical discussions and publications online.

Have a strong social media presence that resonates with your audience.

Have a constant flow of recent, relevant, and newsworthy content.

Draw people to your website, with advanced content linking.


Want to know how? Let’s chat.

Get noticed by the right people.

How Does it Work?

We will start by having a chat about what you need, who your audience is, and what kind of content you want to post.


Relevant and topical content will be released multiple times a week. Much of this content will link back to your website to encourage web traffic.


Posts can go out on your company and/or individual social media profiles. You (and your team) are notified of each post. In this notification you can authorise, edit, or decline any post.


How Does it Work?


VIDEO Consultation

We will create a profile for your target group and agree a plan of action. This call will also give us the foundation information to draft any communications.


Connections Made

Extensive research is carried out to find people in your target group. A connection request is sent to them from your LinkedIn profile.


Followers Invited

Anyone who has accepted your connection request is invited to follow the company page. This should coincide with topical content being posted.


Direct Messaging

Anyone who has accepted your connection request is sent a direct message from your profile. You are notified of any messages that require a bespoke response.


Leads Collected

All leads collected are passed on to you.